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​Sell to Salona

​Salona Global serves as a platform to connect, small, cash flow positive medical device companies to international markets and to capital for growth through its listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Through Salona your business can gain access to exceptional management guidance, robust domestic and international distribution channels, sophisticated and cost effective manufacturing, as well as the multitude of financial benefits conferred by the Company's TSXV listing.

​The TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV)

​The TSXV offers unique opportunities for smaller businesses seeking capital and liquidity. The TSX, the parent exchange of the TSXV, was established in 1861. The TSXV is a rigorously regulated and operated exchange.

Pursuant to the policies of the TSXV, certain acquisitions, including the acquisition of SDP, are subject to prior approval of the TSXV and shareholders.

​Complete Control of Exit

​High Liquidity

​The liquidity the TSXV offers creates a non-binary exit opportunity for businesses that fit our profile. For example, Patient Home Monitoring (PHM), which was the 2015 top technology and life science company on the TSXV.

​Right Size Capital

​Access to Capital

​The TSXV's niche sizing allows for right sized capital availability to smaller enterprises. Through our experienced capital markets team we make appropriately-sized capital available to businesses that take advantage of our platform.

​A Future in the Markets

​Capital Markets Experience

Through our acquisition program, principles have the unique opportunity to build experience with a publicly traded company and to forge a future at Salona.

​More Information

​Download our resources for potential acquisition targets here.

​Target Outreach Sheet: Institutional

​Are you a portfolio manager or institutional investor who would like to better understand whether one of your portfolio companies would be a good fit? This one is for you.

​DJO Global Summary

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​PHM Summary

​Learn more about one of our M&A team's previous enterprises and it's journey on the Toronto Stock Exchange.